Culture and Civilization is dedicated to analyzing culture, and more specifically Western culture and Western civilization, relative to the shifting order and power of civilizations within the twenty-first century.

The objective with is to share a form of critical analysis which I perceive is lacking in contemporary debates on public policy, either in the Western or global context.

The purpose of is to examine the social, political, and economic issues affecting the contemporary world through a cultural relativist lens. In other words, examines global social, political, and economic issues within the context of how these issues are related to culture, in a broad sense, and more specifically, their respective civilization.

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My name is Rohi Zlokhi. I am a citizen of the world, a member of the human species.

Religion: A combination of Platonic deism and Taosim best describes by 'religious' view.
Education:BA, MPA, and see the references for more information on literary influences.
Political view: Pragmatism
Worldview:Systemic realism

My name is Matthew S. Cwihun. I was born and have lived the majority of my life in Canada. However, between 2013 and 2015 I lived in Australia to further my education and research in public policy and administration.


"In this new world, local politics is the politics of ethnicity; global politics is the politics of civilizations" (Huntington 2003 p. 28).

What is analyzes the 'clash of civilizations' from a Western perspective. While Samuel P. Huntington (1993 and 1996) is credited with the 'clash of civilizations' geopolitical paradigm*, the term was first applied by Bernard Lewis (1990) as a claim referring to a potential cultural clash between the Western civilization and the civilization of Islam.